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Casino Technology expands its presence in Portugal

Casino Technology expands its presence in the Portuguese market with new installations of the premium slot machine ARCH™. As of late December the one-of-a-kind slot machine provides immersive gaming experience for the clients at Casino Espinho.

Opened in 1974, Casino Espinho has always been a landmark in the entertainment area at the northern part of the country and the new installation of ARCH™ machines fits well in the whole conception of the location. “The machine is comfortable and offers amazing experience. The wide variety of games, offered by GAMOPOLIS ARCH™ makes it favorable for us”, says client of Casino Espinho.

Casino Technology`s products are well known for their excellent performance, reliability and the 24/7 technical support the company offers through its offices around Europe.  “The feedback from the installation of ARCH™ in Portugal is more than promising for the premium slot machine provides good results for operators and increased time on device. The elegant silhouette and brilliant design of the ARCH ™ is an excellent choice that justifies the strong inroad of the product in Europe”, says Stefan Enchev Business development - Central Europe at Casino Technology.

For the time of installation, ARCH™ has performed way beyond the average for the casino floor.

As the city of Espinho is an integrated resort and a popular destination for gaming, the installation of ARCH™ slot machines there is equal to getting more players' satisfaction and makes it a special asset, added to the casino brand.
Portugal is amongst the core markets in Western Europe where Casino Technlogy plans greater expansion in 2017.

10 Jan 2017