Starting its history as an Eastern European gaming equipment manufacturer, during the years Casino Technology became a global player on the world's gaming map.


Today company’s products are recognized in more than 50 gaming jurisdictions for their performance, quality and reliability.


- THE BIG 5™ systems suite was presented, offering a complete solution for landbased, online and mobile gaming.
- Integration with the first online operator in Bulgaria efbet
- Further expansion by acquisition of ATI Romania and TAG Peru
- First launch of the LEOPARD online gaming platform with eCasino.bg
- Number of installations of RHINO CMS in the international gaming markets in Baltic states and Africa
- The company became a General Sponsor of FC Ludogoretz - the football champion of Bulgaria


- Launching the new upright cabinet AURORA™.
- Expanding positions in Latin America, with installations in Chile, Colombia and other countries around the region. Further positioning in Peru.
- Launching first integrations with online operators based in Malta.
- Starting cooperation with Playtech to provide selected gaming content of Casino Technology through all platforms of the world's leading provider of online gaming and sports betting software and gaming applications.


- Stepping in the remote gaming field with VLT, Server based and Online solution
- Launching new generation multigame platform, featuring 40 games in a gaming unit, based on the new super powerful platform TOUGH FIGHTER™
- Completing the first US installations with the PENTHOUS SLOTS™ entering in California and Oklahoma casinos
- Introducing the latest model cabinet SENSA FLEX™, featuring brand new technological solution for the main monitor  


-Signing a contract with PENTHOUSE™ for licensed games and launching PENTHOUSE SLOTS™ at G2E 2011 and BEGE 2011
-MOTORMANIA™ game suite approved for California and Oklahoma
-’GLI certified‘ mark accreditation successfully audited
-Introduction and launch of 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD™ game suite
-Expanding GAMOPOLIS™ family of multigames with 6 new versions, with 15 games each, featuring 90 games in total
-Introduction and launch of MULTI GEMS™ - mulitgame based on CTIV platform featuring 25 new games
-Introducing SERVER GAMES TECHNOLOGY™ solution
-Introducing the revolutionary TOUGH FIGHTER™ game platform
-A distributor for Oklahoma, USA has been appointed
-A distributor for South Africa has been appointed and products for South African LPM market have been introduced
-A distributor for Spain has been appointed and products for Spanish market class C, B (special use for gaming halls) have been intorduced
-The company becomes approved manufacturer for Malta with Class II License granted
-The company becomes approved manufacturer for Croatia and a local distributor has been appointed
-US patent granted for PLAYME™ grand-piano auto-roulette and videoslot


-Introduction of SENSA PLUS™ slot machine concept at ICE 2010
-Introducing 3D graphics for video slot games of Casino Technology
-Game suite video slot concept launched with MOTORMANIA™ and FALCON HEROES™ Game suites
-Obtained manufacturer accreditation for the Philippines. First installations in Manila
-Launching GAMOPOLIS™ III, IV, V and VI series multigames with 10 games each, total 40 new titles 
-GLI approval for interoperability with the major CMS for the US casino market
-A distributor for California has been appointed. More than 15 Installations on the US casino market have been made
-Casino Technology becomes a member of The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA)
-An approved agent for Mexico has been appointed. Installations in several casinos have been made
-A distributor for Uruguay has been appointed. First installations in several gaming halls have been made


-Introduction of TANGRA TOUCH™ wide screen slant-top at BEGE 2009
-Introduction of EYESIGHT™ concept, featuring an array of additional services built into slot machine
-License for Greece for sales of casino equipment granted
-Approved distributor for Panama. First installations in Central America - Panama, Belize, Caribbean islands
-Approved distributors for Italy comma 6A market segment have been appointed. Development of adapted game content


-Introduction of GEMINI SENSA™ wide screen video slot
-Casino Technology becomes member of AGEM
-Introduction of TOUGH RIDER™ game platform
-ISO 9001 - 2008 granted
-'GLI certified' mark granted
-First installations in Argentina and Colombia


-Introduction of the ‘grand-piano‘ concept PLAYME™ for automatic roulette and video games
-A distributor for South America has been appointed - Trans Atlantic Gaming, based in Lima, Peru
-Game releases for Peru have been approved and first local installations are made
-A Romanian distributor have been appointed - Advanced Technology Innovations, based in Bucharest
-Game releases for Romania have been approved and the first local installations are made
-Casino Technology becomes a member of ALAJA (Latin American Gaming Association)
-Game releases for Slovenia have been approved and the first installations in Slovenia are made
-GEMINI™ gaming machine is certified with USA - UL22 and Canada - CSA. A distributor for Panama and Central America have been appointed. First installations in Central America have been made, including: Panama, Honduras, Belize, Suriname, and Caribbean islands


-Award from leading UK platform supplier Heber Ltd. for 500 000th gaming controller sold at G2E 2006
-A distributor for Czech Republic has been appointed and the first installations in Prague are made
-A distributor for Hungary has been appointed and the first installations in Budapest are made
-Special Award granted by the Russian Gaming Association for the exclusive contribution of Casino Technology to the progress of the gaming industry


-CT become member of Gaming Standards Association (GSA)
-The new generation video slot machine GEMINI™ is introduced
-Nomination of MEGA JACK™ for Best Sold Game - Ukraine (2005)
-A distributor for Ukraine has been appointed
-A distributor for Serbia has been appointed and the first installations in Belgrade are made


-CTIV platform launched
-Distributors for Russia and Kazakhstan have been appointed. Multiple installations of various product lines of Casino Technology are made


-The Company launched CASINO KING™ and CASINO PRINCE™ - unique automatic and semi-automatic roulette systems 
-MEGA JACK™ become top-performing multigame in a number of Eastern European markets; new upgraded version released


-Introduction of number of slot titles for the local market
-Introduction of SLT slant top and Slot Jackpot signs department
-First installations in Baltic States, Russia, Kazahstan and Ukraine are made


-Massive installations of MEGA JACK™ on the local market. MEGA JACK™ became the most successful product in Bulgaria
-Casino Technolgy became member of Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Organizers in the Gaming Industry 


-Casino Technology is granted a license for manufacturing, distribution and service of gaming equipment by the Bulgarian Gaming Board
-Award for Best Glass Design has been granted at G2E 1999